Apple Cider

Looking for delicious fresh-squeezed apple cider? Our special blend is made fresh here at Sky Top using a hand-selected mix of ten apple varieties. It has become an autumn favorite.

Just picture crunching into a fresh juicy apple...its aroma...its cool sweet flavor. This is what a glass of our apple cider is like -- our cider is made from nothing but fresh apples.

Here at the orchard we press our own cider— it’s made fresh without added sugar or chemical preservatives. Whole ripe apples and absolute cleanliness are key factors in the pressing process.

After the apples are washed they are pulverized in a grinder and pressed under 10,000 pounds of pressure. The resulting juice is then filtered and cooled to 34° Fahrenheit. The flavor of our cider depends on blending the juices of different varieties of apples, and, we think you’ll agree, David has perfected the art!

Like any natural product, it is subject to change and fermentation. Treat our cider like a dairy product: keep and serve cold. Cider may be frozen but remember to allow for expansion. After thawing, shake or stir the cider.

We also offer fresh frozen cider for those who are traveling more than a few hours distance—just ask!