New at Sky Top for 2020

Changes Due to Covid

  • Face Masks Are Required in the Fruit Stand, doughnut line, playground area and in any area where you encounter others. You must also maintain social distancing of 6 feet from other guests.
  • We are asking guests to follow directional signage in the Fruit Stand in an effort to reduce cross traffic.
  • Social distancing on hayrides. Families will be asked to leave a safe distance between their family and other families and wear masks.
  • Because we could not increase the distance on the bee train, we have discontinued that ride for this season.
  • We are propping open outside bathroom doors to reduce touchpoints.
  • We've added plexiglass barriers between guests and staff at key contact points.
  • We have more sanitizing areas and are cleaning areas more frequently.
  • We have elminated our sampling station.
  • At U-Pick, we have elimiated the need to bag apples after picking. When you go apple picking, you get to the keep the bag you pick in.

U-Pick Changes

Like in years past, you prepay for apples before venturing into the Orchard for U-Pick. This year, however, instead of picking in a basket, you pick in a bag and you get to keep the bag. This eliminates the need to return to the Fruit Stand to transfer apples to other bags and thus reduces the crowding that can occur in the Fruit Stand.We use a special bag at U-Pick. No other types of bags or baskets may be used for U-Pick.

The same rule still applies regarding filling a bag. The U-Pick price is for a full bag of fruit. "Full" is when the fruit is even with the top of the sides of the bag - a level bag, not a rounded, spilling-over-the-top bag. As a rule of thumb, when you notice your bag is nearly 75% to the top edge, it's a good time to check with the kids and everyone filling the bag to see who has what in hand. Chances are, whatever they have is going to top off your bag and be a good stopping point.

New Bakery Area 

We built a new location for our Bakery near the front of the Fruit Stand. You'll even be able to see inside our Bakery and purchase fresh treats right from this location.  Baked goods will be available beginning mid August.

Sky Decks

Get an overhead view of Sky Top by visiting our two new Sky Decks - one located at the end of the main parking lot and the other further down in the Orchard. You can see for miles and miles which will bring you smiles and smiles.

Apple Cannons

At the back of the Orchard on the pond, we have added a launching platform and installed targets across the pond. Charges apply.

Bathroom Expansion

You asked for it and we answered. Over the winter, we constructed a second women's bathroom and added some cute signage to get you there.

Be sure to visit our Picking Schedule Page to find out what we're picking

Visit our Plan Your Visit page to plan your trip to Sky Top.

Download our rules and policies here. It also contains a guide for making the most of your visit to Sky Top. We'll see you on the mountain soon!