Sky Top Orchard Ripening Schedule

apple ripening schedule copyright Phoebe Moncrief

Changes in weather can affect ripening times and demand for certain varieties can impact supply. This table provides a general guide for when you can expect to find certain apples and fruit in the stand and/or on the trees. Refer to our Picking Schedule Page for a list of what is currently available and what is coming in soon.

Due to a late April freeze, some varieties will not be available for U-Pick during the 2021 season. All varieties will be available pre-picked in the Fruit Stand during their normal season.



Best for

Typical Picking Season for This Variety

Asian Pear

extra crisp, juicy, slight honey flavor

slicing, salads - perfect substitute for honeycrisp

August - December

Ginger Gold

pale yellow, crisp white flesh

snacking; holds shape when cooked.

early August - Late August

Early Macs

tart taste and crisp texture

snacks, sauce, salads, sauce and
graphic design

Early August - mid/late August


crisp, firm, juicy, mild and sweet

Snacking, Pies and Salads

Mid August - Late Sept/early Oct.

in-stand until Dec


round, crisp, mild honey flavor

snacks, salad, sauce

Mid August through Labor Day weekend*

*Our 2021 crop is small and U-Pick is ended for Honeycrisp. Honeycrisp should be in the stand until Labor Day Weekend.

Our most popular variety. Availability dependent upon demand.

Candy Crisp

Similar to a Honeycrisp in taste and texture

Mid August - Late Aug/early Sept.

McIntosh (Macs)

small, round, tender, juicy, aromatic, sweet

snacks, salads, sauce, graphic design

Late Aug - Mid Sept

Golden Delicious

elongated, slightly crisp, mild, sweet

all purpose
reduce sugar when using in pies

Late Aug - Late Oct

in-store until Dec.


(A type of McIntosh)

small, round, tender, juicy, aromatic, sweet

snacks, sauce, salads

Early Sept - Mid Sept


 round, sweet with hint of tart & tangy
slow to brown when cut

salads, kabobs, garnishes

Early Sept - Mid Sept

in-store until mid Oct.

Red Delicious

long with knobby ends; sweet, juicy

snacks and salads
not suited for cooking/baking

Mid Sept - Mid Oct

in store until mid Nov.





cider, sauce, eating, cooking

Mid Sept - Mid Oct

in-store until Oct


round, firm, spicy, sweet and crisp

sauces, snacks, salads, pies, applesauce

Early Sept - Mid Oct


(nice sub for Honeycrisp)

crisp, juicy, sweet-tart

pies, baked desserts, sauces

Early Sept - Early Oct.

Ida Red

large; firm texture, tangy
Similar to Jonathan

Snacks, Applesauce, Baking, All Purpose

Mid Sept - Mid Oct.

Blushing Gold




Mid Sept - Late Oct.




All Purpose

Mid Sept - Mid Oct

Granny Smith

extra crisp and very tart

cakes, pies, applesauce, winter keeping

Late Sept - Late Oct.

in-store until Dec.


round; extra crisp, sweet, hint of tart

all purpose, especially snacks, resists browning

Mid-Late Sept - Late Oct

in-store until Dec.


perfectly round; crisp, somewhat tart

cooking, baking, sauteing

Late Sept/early Oct - late Oct.

in-store thru Oct.


extremely flavorful, super sweet, very juicy and crisp

eating fresh or in salads

Late Sept/early Oct - late Oct.

in-store until Dec.

Pink Lady

crunchy, sweet, tart

snacks, salad, baking, winter keeping

Mid Oct- Late Oct.

in-store until Dec.

Arkansas Black

Tart, Winter Keeping

Mid Oct - Late Oct.

in store until mid Nov.

Gold Rush

Specialty, Winter Keeping

Early to mid Oct - Late Oct/early Nov.

in store until mid Nov.

Other Items

Sour Cherries

Note: These do not always pollinate well so are often not available to the public

soft flesh; sour, tart

cobbler, pies, baking, snacking

Mid - Late July

Very Limited Qty.


Jams & Jellies, snacking

Mid Aug - Mid Sept


Gourds & Squash

perfect for carving or
as autumn treats

(Not grown here)

Typically arrive in store 2nd week of Sept. Avail. until Dec. Various sizes.