Sky Top Orchard Picking Scheduleapple facts

Our warm days and cool summer nights create conditions perfect for over 22 varieties of apples. Many of our guests are surprised to learn that their favorite apples are not available all season. Early apples like Early Macs, Ginger Golds and Honeycrisps start us off in August but are long gone by the time Pink Lady and Arkansas Blacks make their appearance near the end of the growing season. Check out our ripening schedule so you don't miss out on your faves.

U-Pick typically runs from early August until the end of October but can go longer depending on weather and supply/demand. You can U-Pick from the time we open at 9am until 30 minutes before our closing time.

There may be times in the season when U-Pick is unavailable due to ripening times of some varieties so be sure to check this page to make sure we are offering U-Pick when you plan to visit.

Many folks like to enjoy several varieties of apples at once and our fresh apple cider, cider slushes and, of course, our apple cider doughnuts are great ways to do that.

Changes in weather can affect ripening times and demand for certain varieties can impact supply. We receive numerous questions on our Facebook page asking if certain varieties are available but due to the volume of questions, we are not able to respond to these individually. Please bookmark this page and check frequently.

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Did you buy one of our pies and need reheating instructions? Click here.

To see when varieties are typically available and to learn more about what each is best for, see our ripening schedule.