Sky Top Orchard Picking Schedule

Our warm days and cool summer nights create conditions perfect for high quality, firm apples with good shelf life. With over 22 varieties of apple trees, there's a taste and variety for everyone. Favorite ways to enjoy our apples are our fresh apple cider, cider slushes and, of course, our apple cider donuts.

Please note that the usual harvest schedule times listed in the table below are approximate and that not all apple varieties are available all season. Changes in weather can affect ripening. We update our picking schedule weekly or more often as needed. If you are making the trip for a particular variety and are concerned about availability please call the fruit stand to verify. We receive numerous questions on our Facebook page asking if certain varieties are available but due to the volume of questions, we are not able to respond to these individually. Please bookmark this page and check frequently.

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(To view a photo of each item, simply click on its name in the table below.) Our picking schedule page is a Google Drive document. Some businesses block access to Google drive so you may need to view from home or on your smart phone or tablet.




Best for

Usual Harvest Schedule

Now Picking U-Pick

Available in Store Bagged

Finished for Season

Sour Cherries

soft flesh; sour, tart

cobbler, pies, baking, snacking

Late July

Note: These do no always pollinate well so are often not available to the public

Grapes Great for snacking

Late August


round and fuzzy

eating, cobbler, ice cream


Pumpkins, Gourds & Squash

perfect for carving or as autumn treats

 Late September