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​Our warm days and cool summer nights create conditions perfect for over 22 varieties of apples. Many of our guests are surprised to learn that their favorite apples are not available all season. Early apples like Early Macs, Ginger Golds, and Honeycrisps start us off in August but are long gone by the time Pink Lady and Arkansas Blacks make their appearance near the end of the growing season. Check out our variety page so you don't miss out on your faves.


Tips & Tricks

Choosing apples

Ideally, look for little or no bruising but if you plan to cut apples up for recipes, don't let a few marks stop you from selecting perfectly tasty apples that may just be a little blemished.

Generally, select apples with a firm texture though golden and red delicious varieties are slightly softer to the touch

Storing apples

Apples ripen 10x faster at room temperature than when kept in a refrigerator. Chilled apples should last 90 days.


Some varieties are better for storing long-term than others. Typically, late-season apples last longer than early ripening varieties. Arkansas Black is a particularly good keeper and Honeycrisp, though a favorite, is a notoriously poor keeper so buy those sparingly and eat quickly.

Cooking with apples

Baking: In general with baking breads, muffins, pies, and tarts you want to choose an apple that will maintain its shape/ texture when heated.  

Pies:  We prefer to use a mix of apples for a more complex flavor and texture and often choose apples that are firm. 

Sauces and Butters: You want an apple that falls apart easily when cooked.  It is also important to combine a mixture of apples for a better flavor profile.

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