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Packing List

To make the most out of your visit to Sky Top, here's a handy list of items you may want to pack:

  • Sunscreen

  • Water for hot, sunny days!

  • Cooler for taking home tasty treats like fresh or frozen apple cider or frozen apple pies.

  • Quarters if you want to feed the ducks at the pond. 

  • Alternate Forms of Payment 

  • Comfortable Shoes Mountain hillsides offer uneven terrain. Comfy, practical shoes make the day much more enjoyable.

U-Pick Experience

Pick fresh apples right off the tree!

1) See an attendant at our U-Pick door to pay for the experience and receive your bag. They will share what varieties are picking and direct you where to go. Though you can purchase as many apples as you like, one bag per group of 5 people is required to enter the U-Pick area. Head out into the orchard to pick.

2) Fill your bag until apples are just even/level with the top of the bag.

U-Pick Orchard Map Here
DSC_0313 (3).jpeg
Pre-bagged fruit & Mix-N-Match

If you don’t want to U-Pick or want to supplement your pickings, you can find prebagged apples and fruit in the stand. Look for hanging apple signs. Priced by Volume.


• Select size you want – ½ peck, peck, or ½ bushel. Bags are prefilled so no sorting allowed here.


If you want a few of each variety or want to hand select each apple, visit the Mix-N-Match tables. Mix-N-Match is priced by the pound.

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