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At Sky Top, we value quality time! And what better way to spend time with your loved ones than some fall fun at the orchard? We have a variety of attractions and activities to interest all ages.



At Sky Top we prioritize FUN! And what better way for kids to relax and get their wiggles out than our playground? Kids will enjoy swing sets, slides, a giant sandbox, a playhouse, and apple and pumpkin houses.

Cost: Free!


Animal Barn

Our animals are part of the family at Sky Top. They live here year-round and in the off-season, many roam the orchard free-range! Pick some grass for the bunnies and chickens or feed our sheep and goats grain from your hands. Keep an eye out for our all-white peacock! 

Cost: Free! Bring quarters to feed the animals. 


Apple Cannon

Shoot apples over the lake at our apple-themed targets, but be careful not to hit a sheep or a goose! (Don't worry they stay far away when the cannon is shooting. They do love to snack on the crushed apples after guests leave though!)

Cost: $7.00 for 8 apples


Gold Rush Gem Mine

Pan for gems at Sky Top's Gold Rush Gem Mine while overlooking our lake & bamboo forest. Open weekdays and weekends!

Cost: Based on bucket size


Bee Train 

Our bee train has created a buzz since it flew to the orchard in 2017. Pulled behind the tractor, kids love this ride. Suggested ages 3 and up. Adults wanting to fly are welcome to join, so long as they can fit! 

Cost: $4/ per person



Sit back and relax while you take in the sights of our mountaintop farm. This attraction has been a favorite since Apple Dave welcomed U-pickers onto the orchard. 

Cost: $3/ person. Children under 2 are free (must be sitting on a parent's lap.)


Bamboo Forest

Have fun exploring our bamboo forest. Follow the path between the animal barn and the Gold Rush Gem Mine.

Cost: Free!

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How Tall This Fall?

The fall photo opp has been a beloved tradition for families throughout the years. Don't forget to get your annual picture during your visit!

Cost: Free!

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